NY Shorts Fest

WEDNESDAY - MAY 31 - 7:45 PM

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Drama / USA / 10 min.

Ari is uncomfortable in his own skin. Spurred by a crush on his classmate, he makes a series of attempts to change into someone else. But when his plan backfires, he finds his greatest success is in simply being himself

Director: Alex Murawski
Producer: Annmaree Bell
Writer: Alex Murawski
Cast: Jaxon Graham-Wilson, Tiarnie Coupland
The Candidate

Comedy / USA / 7 min.

The Candidate goes through a rigorously impossible vetting process to determine if he is The One for someone's very specific agenda.

Director: Michael Hilf
Producer: Blaire Baron, Robin McDonald
Writer: Blaire Baron, Robin McDonald
Cast: Robin McDonald, Blaire Baron
The Rough Part

Comedy / USA / 17 min.

An apprehensive woman stuck in a dead-end relationship hires an escort to seduce her boyfriend so she can have an excuse to break up with him.

Director: Ryan Brown
Producer: Ryan Brown, Richard Manus
Writer: Richard Manus, Ryan Brown
Cast: Hina Abdullah, Camille Mana, Leah Lamarr
F is for Friendship

Comedy / USA / 8 min.

Emily has been avoiding her friends, especially Lucy who is hosting a dinner party that evening. Its just Emily’s luck that, while at the Laundromat, Lucy happens to walk by. Lucy, mystified as to why her friend has been elusive recently, tries to convince Emily to attend her dinner party.

Director: Shaya Mulcahy
Producer: Shaya Mulcahy
Writer: Shaya Mulcahy
Crossing The Line

Action/Adventure / USA / 29 min.

"Crossing the Line" is the story of Khadijah, a Muslim High School female track runner, who defies gender and cultural expectations when she falls for an 'all American' Football player.

Director: Andre Fuad Degas
Producer: Eric Marciano, Andre Degas
Writer: Andre Fuad
Cast: Kristina Asryian, Conor Hammil
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