Toronto Shorts Fest

FRIDAY - MARCH 2 - 7:00 PM

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Animation / United Kingdom / 3 min.

Via tells of the journey of life through epic, beautiful environments and meaningful character animation. It shows how we should open our eyes to the good things that happen every day, to the experiences we share with the people we love, and that we should find the silver linings, or the lessons to be learnt, in even the lowest times.

Director: Izzy Burton
Producer: Tom Box
Writer: Rachel Cladingbowl
An Army of Hearts

Experimental / Canada / 6 min.

A visual poem that weaves through the daily obstacles and varied emotions of a family as they individually and collectively cope with a with a loved one's illness - in this case, cancer.

Director: Alex Duncan, Lauren Bercovitch
Producer: Alex Duncan, Lauren Bercovitch
Writer: Alex Duncan
Cast: Erica Tremblay, Maxwell Haynes, Serge Houde
Tree House Time Machine

Action/Adventure / USA / 14 min.

An eager 12 year old boy and his friends race to secretly travel back in time in the hopes of unraveling the mystery surrounding his motherís untimely death before the rightful owner of the machine realizes itís gone missing.

Director: Alan Ritchson
Producer: Alan Ritchson, Cat Ritchson, Dan Spilo, DJ Viola
Writer: Alan Ritchson
Cast: Austin Fryberger, Caleel Harris, Elisha Henig, Alan Ritchson, Emily Alyn Lind, Steele Stebbins

Drama / Canada / 10 min.

Tao, a miserable man who has had enough of his wife's complaining and his new born baby's crying, numbs his reality with smokes and beer on a hot August night. While playing with a voice altering app on his phone he comes up with a creative way to make a unique friend. This small and short friendship brings some needed calm to Tao's life.

Director: Jonathan Lawley
Producer: Jonathan Lawley, Natalie Novak
Writer: Jonathan Lawley
Cast: Simon Li
Dinner with Bernice

Comedy / Canada / 15 min.

A woman's plans to win her boss over and get a promotion come to a screeching halt when her elderly neighbour dies in her kitchen mere minutes before her boss arrives.

Director: Leah Rifkin
Producer: Sonja Verpoort
Writer: Sonja Verpoort
Cast: Pearl Ho, Lawrene Denkers, Mark Starratt, Jeanne Souter

Documentary / Canada / 11 min.

Unbreakables tells the story of Tobin Creswell, who lost his life to a brain tumor, but who's spirit lives on in the foundation he created before passing. His hope and tenacity to create a legacy that is bigger than his illness, will help inspire the Unbreakable in us all.

Director: Matthew Barnett, Tatjana Green
Producer: Theodor Arhio, Tasha Dean, Sarah Krass, Shaka Licorish, Kiki Divic
Cast: Darcy Crewell, Jennifer Wisler, Hanh Tran
The Audition (L'Audition)

Drama / Canada / 23 min.

Marianne, a young and talented figure skater, enters a solo competition in the hope to inspire her dad to stop drinking.

Director: Dany Chiasson
Producer: Dany Chiasson, Bruce McDonald
Writer: Dany Chiasson
Cast: Vincent Leclerc, Marianne Bourgeois, Andy Turbide

Drama / Canada / 14 min.

Two women spend all day together but rarely connect, until they ultimately change the course of each otherís lives.

Director: Molly Flood
Producer: Emily Andrews, Laura Nordin, Jen Pogue, Yazmin Ali
Writer: Anna Hardwick
Cast: Anna Hardwick, Caroline Mangosing

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