Ma Boy

(Drama / United Kingdom / Beta SP / 10 minutes)

Life is difficult enough for 15-year-old Isla, living in cramped conditions with her mother, boyfriend and baby boy. Tensions start to rise when Mum Ali starts flirting with boyfriend Gav, and the troubled teenager takes matters into her own hands in a shocking climax.

Director / Writer: Amy Neil

Producer: Pamela Nelson


In the Tradition of my Family

(Drama / United States / Beta SP / 16 minutes)

Billy's relationship with his father is damaged by the violent tradition of his family. While his father tries to remove him from the long-standing ritual, Billy eventually takes the matter into his own hands, to reestablish the tradition and to connect with his father.

Director: Todd Davis

Producers: Todd Davis, Cody Baker, and Patty Davis

Writers: Todd Davis and Phil LaMarche


A Matter of Inches

(Drama / Australia / Beta SP / 7 minutes)

A man suspects that small items are shifting around in his home.

Director / Producer / Writer: Mark Warren



(Animation / United States / Beta SP / 6 minutes)

After witnessing the death of her father, a young girl’s reality blurs with her memories as she journeys into the layered walls of her urban landscape. Struggling to fill the void of her unresolved feelings, she colors in her father’s chalk outline and enters a world of grief and reconciliation where her fear and sadness take the form of painted and pasted street art characters.

Directors / Producers / Writers: Matt Clausen and John Gutman,


La Hora Del

(Drama / Mexico / Digital Beta SP / 7 minutes)

La Hora del Té explores the relationship between a father and a daughter, each mourning the death of their loved one differently and finding that they need one another now more than ever.

Directors / Producers: Luis R. Quintero and Natalie Sakai

Writer: Marco Martinez-Galarce


Father Figure

(Drama / United States / Digital Beta / 6 minutes)

A hardened young man encounters a Gospel preaching stranger while watching over his younger brother on a desolate beach. After realizing the stranger is their long estranged father, the young man confronts and threatens him with a rather unexpected result.

Director / Writer: Adam Schlachter

Producers: Alex Castillo and Adam Slachter


The Fairy Who Stole Eyes

(Drama / United Kingdom / Digital Beta / 11 minutes)

After reading a story The Fairy Who Stole Eyes, nine year old Ryan hits upon an idea to win his uncaring mother's love.

Director: Shakher Bassi

Producers / Writers : Shakher Bassi and Shalinder Bassi



(Drama / Australia / Digital Beta / 15 minutes)

At 76, Lydia Durham is dying. An old stage performer, she lies unable to speak, trapped in a bleak hospital room, falling in and out of consciousness. Her daughter, Mandy, comes to see her and finds a hidden photograph. It is the only personal artifact in the room. To Mandy, it is an image of shame. She becomes desperate to understand why her mother chose to have it by her deathbed.

Director / Writer / Producer: Sarah Lambert


Wooden Soul

(Drama / United Kingdom / Digital Beta / 11 minutes)

Displacement of grief. Charming to some, shocking to others.

Director / Writer: Rehana Rose Khan

Producers: Christine Hartland and Rehana Rose Khan


Gorgeous - Commercial

Ad Agency: Euro RSCG, New York / Client: Jaguar

*need synopsis

Director: Michel Comte


Fishy Fish - Commercial

Ad Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners / Client: Converse, Inc.

A goldfish swims to a groovy beat around a sunken treasure. This film is part of the Converse Gallery, a collection of films submitted by consumers about what the Chuck Taylor All Star means to them.

Director: Marine Panossian

XK Launch - Commercial

Ad Agency: Euro RSCG, New York / Client: Jaguar

Director: Michel Comte